Mobile Container Cold Storage Blast Freezer Room Walk In Cooler Storage Room For Meat

Introduction of Cold Room Cold room is a warehouse that artificially generates a specific temperature. It is usually designed to store products in an environment below the outside temperature. The combination cold room was assembled by PU panels, the cold room at the same time has good air tightness and heat insulation effect.   FAMOUS Refrigeration is a first-class cold storage insulation materials manufacturer and acold storage energy-saving program supplier. Polyurethane insulation board design for cold room, the main steel structure to facilitate construction. We can give you a professional suggestion based on your application. And about the size, the panel thickness, and the equipment, all of them can be customized. Features 1. Temperature range: for Vegetables and Fruits -5°C+5°C are all available; for Meat and Seafood -18°C. 2. Size: Customization. 3.Function: preservation, freezing, quick freezing. 4. Good performance, low noise, and high realia. 5.Easy dismantlement: The body of a freezer is locked by inner embedded parts and can be easily dismantled and transported. Use a very short time to assemble a freezer. Small and medium-sized cold storage can be assembled and used within 3-5 days. Specification
Cooler room -5~5 ºC For fruits, vegetables, milk, cheese etc 75mm,100mm panel thickness
Freezer room -18~-25 ºC For frozen meat, fish, seafood, ice cream, etc 120mm,150mm panel thickness
Blast freezer room -30~-40 ºC For fresh fish, meat, fast freezer 150mm,180mm,200mm panel thickness
Customized Service We can give you a professional suggestion based on your application. 1: Whats the dimension of cold room : Length*Width*Height by Meter 2: What kind of goods will loading inside? What's the indoor temperature? 3: What's the industry voltage? Cold Room PU Panel 1. Thickness: 50/75/100/120/150/200; 2.Surface: Color steel(PPGI), stainless steel, aluminum; 3.Advantages:Fireproof/Insulation/Waterproof/Easy Install/Lightweight; 4. Density: 38-45±KG/m3; 5. Cold Room PU Panel with Cam-lock, Scientific design, easy to be assembled or dissembled; 6. Multi-products and specifications can meet different needs and requirements. Cold Room Door 1. Good heat preservation performance, Easy to install. 2.Thickness:100m/150mm. 3. Classification: manual door, swing door, sliding door, hinged door, or other types according to your requirements. 4. Sliding cold storage door systems can stand up to extreme conditions and heavy usage every day. 5. All doors are custom manufactured to your exact requirements. Condensing Unit 1. Compressor typePiston, screw; 2. Fan typeAxial fanHigh degree of protection, large Air flow, low noise; 3. Unit kindsOpen type, box type, side discharge type; 4. Refrigeration typeR404a, R22, R507a or R134a; 5. Voltage220V/50HZ, 220V/60HZ, 380V/50HZ etc;
  1. ControllerAutomatic electric controller, PLC.
Air Cooler 1. Moon evaporator has a Nation Standard GB heat exchange coil with hydrophilic aluminum foil and is more efficient with low noise. 2. Use stainless steel tubular electric heat pipe with strong insulation, which has reasonable distribution and short defrost time. 3. DL serial can apply to a 0°C cold room. DD applies to -18°C cold room. DJ applies to -25°C cold room for freezing or fast freezing room. Cold room is widely used in our lives ①quick frozen food processing and cold storage of aquatic products, eggs, prepared foods, vegetables, and fruits. ②slaughter processing factory of pig, cow, sheep, chicken, duck, and goose. ③Food processing plants ④ indoor assembled cold storage ⑤seed storage warehouse ⑥ biological and pharmaceutical products ⑦dairy products storage ⑧body of refrigerator van   Door type   4.Спецификация: ※ Стекло с подогревом и рамная технология. ※ Двойное полое трехслойное закаленное стекло с 1 закаленным стеклом с электронагревом. ※ Цвет рамы из алюминиевого сплава - серебристый, черный и золотистый. ※ Дверные ручки имеют вертикальную прямую ручку и среднюю ручку. ※ Стопор на 90 градусов, функция самовозврата, светодиодная подсветка и индивидуальные петли. ※ Подходит для морозильной камеры дисплея (-18 ℃)   package   Application   welcome to your enquiry!

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