200x100x50mm solid crystal glass brick blocks

50x100x200mm polished solid transparent glass bricks blocks for hotel wall partition
Glass brick is a block or hollow glass product made of transparent or colored glass or a product with block surface glazing. At present, the popular glass tiles on the market mainly include glass facing tiles, glass mosaic tiles (mosaics), and hollow glass tiles. In most cases, glass bricks are used as walls, screens, partitions, etc.
Product Name Solid glass block
Size 200x100x50mm, 240x50x50mm, 246x116x53mm
Color Clear, green, blue, pink, dark blue, brown, etc.
Feature 1. Pervious to light but not transparentxxx
2. Sound insulation
3. High thermal resistance
4. Low conduction of heat
5. High intensity
6. Able to endure corrosion
7. Heat preservation
8. Moist insulation
Application Glass Block or Glass Brick is a new building decorated product.
The designs are beautiful & luxurious.
It is easy & convenient to built & widely used on wall decorated in the room or outside.

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