2022 Latest Luxury and Modern Prefabricated Light Gauge Prefab Steel Villa

Material Description 1. Galvanized Square tube steel and V model galvanized fastenings; 2. Steel name:square tube light steel, people called: Web steel;     3. Every section frame is made up square tube with V fastenings : column, beam of roof, beam of floor , purline, stairs, and so on ; 4. Convenience installation and shipment Roofing System Structure Roofing system of light steel house:  Light steel villa roof system is composed of roof truss, structural OSB panel, waterproof layer, light shape roofing tile (metal or asphalt tile). Light steel structure roofing appearance can be have a variety of combinations. Has a variety of materials. In order to protect the waterproof technology, the appearance have many choose idea. Exterior Wall System Structure Exterior wall system of light steel house :  The exterior wall of the light steel house mainly composed of wall frame column, top beam of the wall, bottom of the wall beam, wall support, wall panel and a connecting piece. Light steel villa general will cross wall as bearing wall structure, wall columns for C shaped steel, the wall thickness according to by the load , usually 0.84~2mm, wall and column spacing generally for 400 ~ 600 mm, the wall layout of this light steel villa , effectively inherit and reliable transfer of vertical load, and the arrangement is convenient.
 Roof purlin  Sandwich panel door/steel door
 Base-cross beam  8#C steel+L40 angle brance (Thk:2.5mm Galvanized)
 Base-purlin  12#C steel Thk:2.0mm
 Base board  20mm Cement board
 Interior wall  8+6mm Calcium silicate board+Steel keel+8+6mm Calcium silicate board
 Exterior wall  8mm Cladding+8mm Calcium silicate board+Steel keel 8+6mm Calcium s ilicate board+10mm rock wool insulation
 Roof  Steel sandwich panel+asphalt shingles/color steel glazed tile
 Outside Door  Anti-theft door/Metal door
 Interior Door  Complex wooden door/PVC door
 Window  Aluminum sliding window with single glass
 Electricity  Electricity General lighting
 Floor  800*800mm Polished tile
 Ceiling  PVC ceiling,plaster ceiling,calcium silicate board

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