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High Density EPS Sandwich Panels with Water Resistant for Roof and Wall Panels   Polystyrene Core EPS sandwich panel production process adopts the colored steel sheet as surface board, and the core material is the self-extinguishing closed cell polystyrene foam, It is a kind of high strength composted building material, and it was formed in the automated continuous-molding machine, by combining the pressed colored steel sheet with the High Strength Adhesives. It has the characteristics of complete insulation and fire-proof, fast construction , durability, and beautiful appearance, etc.   Expanded polystyrene (EPS) core sandwich panels   Specifications

Thickness of color steel sheets


Thickness of EPS/PU core


Effective width

Wall panel: 950mm 1150mm

Roof panel: 950mm 1050mm


As client’s requirements


EPS sandwich panel, Color steel sheets


Upper and lower layer: Color steel sheetMiddle: polystyrene foam board or polyurethane foam board


All colors (standard international color) or customers samples’ color

The polystyrene density



Available freely


Light in weight, heat insulation, water resistant, green and environmental

  Features of EPS Sandwich Panel 1. EPS sandwich panel has the following characteristics: light dead weight, high mechanical strength, excellent shearing resistant performance, strong corrosion resistance, high durability, and weather fastness, etc. 2. The sandwich panel has excellent insulating performance: heat insulation, sound insulation, waterproof performance, etc. 3. It is easy to install and can be used many times over. 4. Nowadays, the EPS sandwich panel is widely used for cleaning workshops, industrial factory buildings, office buildings, stadiums, villas, and public buildings, etc.   Advantages: 1. Broad Availability ,wide range of material for your choice 2. Outstanding formality with beautiful appearance with rich color 3. Superior Durability 4. Excellent Cost Effectiveness 5. Light weight , easy to transportation ,easy to install 6. Fireproof , heat preservation ,sound isolation   Applications: 1. Widely used in construction, heat preservation, packaging, frozen, daily necessities, industrial casting, etc. 2. Also be used to display the assembly places, commodity cabinet, signs and toys manufacture. 3. Mainly applies heat preservation 4. Carport, Hotel, House, Office, Sentry Box,Guard House, Shop, Toilet, Villa, Warehouse, Workshop,Plant   DETAILS OF THE PANEL JOINT   SECTIONAL VIEW OF THE PANELS   TYPES OF SURFACE SHAPE   Production Process   APPLICATION & INSTALL ACCESSORIES   Hangzhou FAMOUS Steel Engineering Co.,Ltd. focus on various structural steel construction and steel-related products supplying. FAMOUS received a lot of foreign projects from project engineering, fabrication, logistic and installation guidance etc. and become more professional in foreign project operation, specially in US-EU standard engineering and project management aspects. It owns advanced professional production equipment for the all automation production line of H type that is most advanced at home, pipe truss structure, box-beam production lines, CNC hydraulic punching posterior cutting C type steel, Z type steel production lines, vertical seam 360-degree whip-stitch roof board of hidden button type, weather board production lines and metal sandwich panel production lines, etc.

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