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Low Cost Portable Homes Architectural Design Steel Modular Prefab House Cabin For Cheap Site Office    Description:  Steel modular housing is a new solution to meet the needs of our customers' homes. We can provide customers with custom modular steel frame housing construction. However, you can also choose from a variety of modular, sustainable designs as a starting point, and if necessary, we can adapt your eco-steel prefabricated home design to your needs and tastes. We will carefully consider your wishes and challenges and ensure practical, innovative solutions and attractive design, as well as functional architecture.   Modular buildings and modular homes are prefabricated buildings or houses that consist of repeating parts called modules. "Modularity" is a construction method that involves constructing parts away from the construction site and then transferring them to a predetermined location. The installation of the prefabricated part is completed on site. Sometimes the crane is used to place the prefabricated parts. Modular buildings, also known as prefabricated houses or precision-built houses, are the same or higher than those built on-site. The building method is called a permanent modular structure. The materials for the bar and modular homes are the same. Modular homes are not double-storey houses or mobile homes. First, modular houses have no axles or metal frames, which means they are usually transported on flatbed trucks, and modular buildings must comply with all relevant local building codes.   Steel module houses, this new house model has been developed in China for more than 20 years. Our Group participated in this field before 2000. After years of hard work and continuous innovation, our products have been successfully sold at home and abroad. Housing may be one of the most important investments we will make, which is why we strive to provide you with the opportunity to own your own home as you wish, because we always believe that innovation makes life better.   Specifications:
Item   name Steel   modular house
size 30-100M2   or customized as order
Main   structure Light   gauge steel framing frames, C/Square steel pipe, modular steel frame house   ,etc
Wall   system Light   gauge steel/glass wool/gypsum board/outer decoration material, lightweight   prefabricated foaming cement panel, etc.
Roof Light   gauge steel roof truss+ glass wool+ roof tile/single color sheets/ EPS /PU   /Mineral wool sandwich panels, etc
Ceiling gypsum   board or aluminous gusset plate
Floor Composite,   wooden or tile, cement floor, wooden bricks floor,etc
Window aluminum   alloy frame insulating glass windows or PVC plastic steel single/ double   glass windows ,customized
Door steel   security door/ wooden door/ aluminum alloy door, anti-rust doors, fireproof   doors ,etc
Other   fittings Shower   room, toilet, kitchen, bedroom, etc.
Lifetime 50-100   years
  Product Information: Performance and advantages: Wind Resistance The whole bearing structure of roof truss adopts light gauge steel framing makes the house possible to stay safe under hurricanes with 60 m/s speed. Light Weight Light gauge steel framing is a kind of lightweight flexible structure. The weight of each square meter is calculated accurately by professional software in order to ensure the most proper structure performance as well as convenience to move.  Thermal Insulation We choose glass wool or rock wool as the basic thermal insulation material. And all the materials we use also plays a necessary function of sound insulation, which makes the inner environment peaceful and comfortable. Snow load and Moisture Proof The design of slope roof helps the snow and rain to fall down along the pitch. We adopt multi-layer moisture proofing external wall system which could prevent the outside humidity and allow the indoor moisture escape. Long Life Span The whole structure system is assembled by cold formed steel components in light gauge steel. The life span of the house frames can reach to 70 years. And All the decoration materials can be replaced and renovated easily.    Applications: Steel modular buildings may be used for long-term, temporary or permanent facilities, such as construction camps, schools and classrooms, civilian and military housing, and industrial facilities. Other uses have included churches, health care facilities, sales and retail offices, fast food restaurants and cruise ship construction.   Welcome clients’ enquiry and raise the detailed requirement. Thanks.        

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