China Light Steel Villa on Hot Sales Prefabricated House Ready Home

1.Light and reliable structure:The steel structure is strong and firm, wind resistance capacity>220-280km / h, seismic resistance capacity >grade .8.Completed galvanized steel frame, anti-rust and especially for seaside and high humidity area; 2.Time and Labor saving and Easy assembly:Two skilled workers can finish assembling one standard unit within 3 hours; 3.Flexible combination:Multiple modular buildings can be easily combined horizontally and vertically; 4.Wide applications:Can be used as warehouse, home, villa, toilet, shower, shop, hotel, camp, workshop, office, hospital etc; 5.Cost-effective and Easy transportation way:8 units / 40HQ loading; 6.High mobility:Completed lifting and easy to move from one site to another site. EPS Cement Wall Panel Advantages 1.Heat Insulation And Preservation The energy saving feature of energy-saving boards chiefly embodies in heat preservation and insulation. Major material adopt anti-freezing and heat preservation environmental protection materials polysyrene grains with good heat insulation and preservation function, which could adjust the indoor temperature at a constant range, thus achieving the effects of ecological adjustment. 2.Water Proof, Fire Proof The face panel of  energy-saving boards on both sides are 4.5mm silicon-calcium fire proof boards and the main material is a mixture of cement, sand, fly ash and so on.  enengy-saving boards have a fire proof limit of 4 hours against a high temperature of 1000and incombustibility standard achieve national level A. Besides, these material give out no toxic gas and perfectly meet the international environment protection criterions. The test also prove that water container can be made by panel with no need for plastering and the containers have no leakage at all. 3.Sound Insulation And Absorption The inside constructional material(EPS polystyrene grain) has good sound insulation and sound-absorbing functions. 4.Easy Construction And Shorter Time The construction work with traditional blocks taking 12 people 60 minutes to complete will only need 3 people to spend 60 minutes to finish if they use  boards which can save a lot of labor cost for the construction part. 5.High Intensity And Quake Proof Energy-saving products all with high intensity and the earthquake resistance function can reach to 8.5 magnitudes. And shock resistance function is dozens times higher than other wall material. They can be nailed directly or have expansion bolt to lift and hang heavy things, they also can be covered by ceramic tile, wall paper, wood panel, coating etc. 6.Space And Cost Saving The thickness of  energy-saving products are between 60mm to 180mm. They can increase the building spaces compared to the traditional blocks. The weight is only 1/12 of traditional wall body, and save the cost on construction structure.


1.Low cost and easy to shipping (Save freight); 2.Light steel structure (reliable frame); 3.Flexible layout and design; 4.Easy and quick assemble and no need special trained labors; 5.Extensive and flexible application. If you are interested in our product ,please contact us at any free time.  

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