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Structural Steel Framed Building Contractor for Car Parking Garages and Metal Sheds Storage Usage   Description: The steel frame building is made of a steel structural main frame, single layer cladding material or insulated sandwich panel of walls and roof. The filler of the sandwich panel can be rock wool, polystyrene (EPS), polyurethane (PU) or custom made materials. For this type of house, the steel structure is mainly designed in the wall to better protect the steel structure frame, and the exterior is the maintenance material of the cladding part. Usually, the steel members will be connected by high-strength bolts. The roof wall system is installed with self-tapping screws and main beams, which makes the whole building more stable and safe. In addition, the typical service life of such houses can exceed 15 years, and the loading of steel structural parts and panels is light and easy to package and transport, with less damage during transport. Therefore, this type of frame house is favored and respected by more and more people. The house is widely used as a temporary office, temporary hospital, family home, dormitory, canteen and so on.    Specifications:
Iten   name Steel   framed buildings for multi-purposes
Design   standard US   /NZ/AS/EU/ China GB etc both no problem for us, or as per the custom request
Building   types Small   steel framed buildings like steel garage sheds, agricultural buildings includes steel   poultry sheds, simple storage house, etc. Large buildings includes   high-rise& multi-storey office building, steel factory warehouse plant, large   steel structure stadium buildings,etc
Main   frame Normal   steel frames/Truss / Grid structure,etc based on actual project demands
Materials   Q235,Q345B,or   other replaced materials equivalent to other standard
Roof EPS   /PU sandwich panel, rock wool, glass wool, lightweight foaming cement panel,   single color sheets, or custom materials, etc.
Ceiling Gypsum   or sandwich panel
Exterior   walls Optional
Partitions Optional
Doors Optional
Windows PVC   sliding window, aluminum alloy insulating windows with single/double glass   ,etc
Ground   Beam C   steel
Post Double   C steel
Ring   Beam C   steel
Floor   Purlin C   steel
Roof   truss C   steel
Roof   Purlin L40   angle steel
Stair Steel   stair, or hot-dip galvanized, etc
Corridor   Step Board checkered   steel board, optional
Floor   Board  plywood board, cement bricks, wooden tile,   optional
Water   Pipes &Electrical We   can design &produce it Based on standards in local place, or just reserve   the hole in advance,etc
Color Blue/Red/White/Others   colors as per customer's request
  Product Overview:        Performance & characteristics:   1.Environmentally friendly, no waste produced during assemble.   2.Flexibility when fixing doors, windows and interior partitions.   3.Beautiful appearance, different colors for the walls and roof.   4.Cost saving and convenient to transport.   5.Rust proof  at least around 15 years service life.   6.Good ability to assemble and disassemble for several times.   7.Heatproof, sound proof and water proof,etc     Advantages:   1. Greater Efficiency: using steel frames for house construction saves time and money. Manufacturers can order steel construction components from suppliers to the exact size and specifications in the CAD drawings, which will results in a streamlined installation process.   2.Design: One of the common criticisms of early modular construction is that the buildings look like boxes. Steel’s durability, strength and malleability helps designers to challenge this preconception. Designers using a steel frame can create effects like cantilevered modules, curved features and pitched roofs. These features generate more visual interest and can disguise the building’s modular construction method.   3. Safety : for building occupants, steel is a safer option compared to traditional timber. Steel has a much higher level of fire resistance and is integrated into a building design as a fully engineered system that can be easily verified. Welded connections are inherently stronger than timber connections and welded joins can be easily inspected and verified using non-destructive testing. At the end of the day, clients can expect a building with true structural integrity.   4. Quality: there can be no doubt that using steel ensures a quality result.The durability of steel ensures that all components used in the manufacture of modular buildings will not fail during the transit and installation phase of construction. Steel is inherently resistant to corrosion. Its performance in both internal and external construction environments is both predictable and assured. This removes any uncertainty about the building’s performance throughout its life. In highly corrosive environments, steel can be protected by hot-dip galvanizing or the application of other suitable coatings.   Welded steel connections are not only stronger than other materials, but they are also very easily tested for verification to the engineered designs and specifications. Bolted connects used in steel fabrications are designed to guarantee their strength and suitability for any application in modular construction. Bolts and fasteners purchased from reputable suppliers will have quality assurance systems that support their manufacture and certify their performance when used as specified.   5. Sustainability :steel is not just great for the industry, it’s a practical choice for the environment too. Modular buildings constructed from steel are manufactured with a high level of accuracy. As a result, there is very little wasted material during the construction phase and landfill is greatly reduced. Steel is also 100% recyclable. At the end of the building’s life, all steel components can be removed and recycled for use in other steel constructions or fabrications.     Applications: it can be widely used in various areas includes steel structure warehouse, plant, factory, steel office buildings, high-rise/multi-storey steel frames builidngs, steel garage sheds, agricultural buildings such as steel farming house, storage house, steel parking building, some steel tiny house for residence and commercial buildings for shop, office, hotel, etc.   Due to its smaller area, so if clients want to save various logistic cost, several sets like 5-7 units to be ordered one time could better and more economic. Welcome customers’ enquiry.    

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