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Easy Installation Modular Steel Bailey Bridges Single Lane HD200 Type Galvanized Bridge   Description   Modular steel bridges are built on site from a pre-engineered system of ready-to-assemble components. Utilizing standardized prefabricated components, Bailey bridges can be built to match a wide range of vehicular bridging applications. Because of their excellent versatility and overall value, thousands of Bailey bridges have been installed throughout the world. Please visit Our Bridge specialized website: Specification
Product Name Modular steel bridge
Width 4.2M, 4m, 3.7m, 7.56m, 7.35m, 10m etc customized
Maximum span 30-230feet (10feet/section)
Bridge deck Steel
Steel grade Q345B
Loading capacity According to requirements, such as HS20-44/Truck 20
Corrosion Original painted or Hot dip galvanized
Advantages Low price/Convenient transportation/Easy assembly and erection
  Three normal width bridges are as following: 3.7m width (model CB100/321): light weight and load, mostly used over middle or small span rivers. 4.2m (model HD200) width: marked both in metric and inch dimension, mostly used in International market over middle and large span rivers. 7.35m width (model HD200): two-lane bridge, widely used over various rivers. Parts The 3 main pieces of the bailey bridges: A.The panels: when assembled, they formed the 2 sides of the bridge. B.The transoms: linking the panels 2 by 2 in order to "lock"the two side walls together. C. The roadway: made of steel pieces(Stringer) put on top of the transoms then covered with wooden planks. All the these pieces could be assembled and added to each other in order to build bridges of various lengths and strengths allowing the crossing of vehicles& passengers weighing up to 100 tons or more.  Application 1. Standard Single Lane: Bridge deck width: 3.7m; Span length: 9.14-60.96m 2. Extra Single Lane: Bridge deck width: 4.2m; Span length: 9.14-60.96m 3. Standard Double Lanes: Bridge deck width: 7.35m; Span length: 9.14-51.816m 4. Panel Dimension: 3048MM*2134MM  Features and Benefits Modern versions of classic “Bailey Bridge” design Quick ship and install Permanent or temporary application Excellent detour bridge solution Short-term or long-term rental options Able to cantilever-launch from one side Optional internal or cantilevered sidewalk  Advantage 1.High strength and big stiffness, relative to the concrete bridge can be reduced trabecular high and self-respect 2. Due to the steel isotropic, quality of a material is uniform and modulus of elasticity, that make steel bridge in the working condition and calculation compared with the assumption 3. Steel bridge generally USES factory, site splicing, the construction period is short, processing convenient and not affected by seasonal effect. 4. Steel bridge is suitable for industrialized manufacture and very convenient to transport. 5. Steel bridge is easy to repair and replace,which has long lifetime. Material can be recycled components, with light weight and low cost. Ease of Assembly and Installation Most Bailey bridges are assembled and installed in a matter of days by a small crew. Common hand tools are utilized. All connections are pinned, bolted or clamped. No welding is necessary. Dis-assembly is similarly easy, and components can be stored in minimal space until reused. Bailey bridges are often installed by the cantilever launching method, in which the assembled bridge together with a “launching nose” is rolled out across the gap, without false-work or heavy equipment. The cantilever method allows bridges to be quickly erected over rivers or deep gorges. Additionally, some Bailey bridges may be hoisted into place by crane. Our company Our experienced team is focused on your steel bridge project's success, from start to finish. Our proven ability to identify and overcome design inconsistencies, potential problems with erection, and shipping obstacles results in the fabrication of structural steel that is right the first time, helping you avoid costly construction delays. Proper project coordination and efficient delivery of the structural steel to your bridge project is a key factor in its ultimate success. This is what gives us the leading edge. From material purchase and tracing, planning compilation, drawing detailing, production arrangement, quality inspection, to on-going painting, packing and delivering, we have separated department to strictly control process, quality and traceability, so that the perfect Bailey/Belay/Baley Bridge can be made. Finally we would like to emphasize that not like other companies, nearly all machining parts and mechanical accessories are manufactured in our own shop as we have so many wonderful machines and workers inside. In this way, the quality, cost and delivery time can be ensured which eliminates other exterior factors’ influence. Meanwhile we can also do various standards structural steelworks construction ranging from Europe EU Standard, America ASTM Standard, British BS Standard, Australia AS/NZS Standard structural steelworks. Warmly welcome all friends and clients from International market to visit us and talk further!

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