colored interior & exterior wall fiber cement board fire-proof panel

Colored Fiber Cement Board  wall Panel   1. Green, low carbon, environmental protection The main materials of fiber cement board products include: lime cement, quartz, silicate, imported raw wood pulp fiber, selected mineral fillers, suspending agents and additives, which are produced through batch, mixing, curing, autoclave and other production processes Made; does not contain asbestos materials harmful to human health; 2. Long span life Meet the low-cost investment needs of customers; exterior wall building ventilated curtain wall panels have the following characteristics: ventilation, heat insulation, moisture expansion rate of 0.14%, can prevent water vapor from penetrating into the building structure and walls, reducing the possibility of leakage To the lowest 3. High impact strength and bending strength It can resist the impact of high typhoons, and the bending strength of the external wall panel is 16MPA, which is especially suitable for the external wall curtain wall panel of various high-end villas and multi-story high-rise residential buildings in coastal areas. Typhoon and rainy areas. 4. The interior and exterior wall panels are completely non-combustible materials It meets the BS 476 PART 4 standard of the British building materials fire test. It is suitable for large-scale shopping malls, schools, cinemas, railway stations, subway platforms and other crowded places as indoor partition walls. 5. Excellent sound insulation performance Fiber cement board is suitable for indoor partitions and ceilings of star-rated hotels, residential bedrooms and public entertainment places with higher requirements for entertainment and sound insulation, reducing 30-45dB. 6. Light weight and high strength It has the advantages of light weight and high strength. 7. Convenient construction The construction of fiber cement board adopts dry construction, which is quick and easy. Ordinary woodworking tools can be used, and the boards are easy to process. Various surface treatments, such as paint or various adhesives, can be applied to the surface to stick the panel. 8. Not easy to deform The materials of fiber cement board are: cement, quartz powder, natural wood fiber and other minerals. The high-temperature autoclave promotes the chemical reaction between the calcium in the cement and the silicon in the quartz powder, thereby forming a new material crystal "perovskite". The curing reaction process is completed within 24 hours after molding, so the shape of the sheet is stable and the deformation coefficient is small.   Details: Samples  
Product Name Regular Size Weight/PC(KGS) Q'TY of 20'GP
Fiber Cement Board 1220×2440×6 mm 24 900 PCS
1220×2440×8 mm 32 678 PCS
1220×2440×10 mm 40 540 PCS
1220×2440×12 mm 48 450 PCS
1220×2440×15 mm 60 360 PCS
1220×2440×18 mm 72 300 PCS
Production Process:         Hangzhou FAMOUS Steel Engineering Co.,Ltd. focus on various structural steel construction and steel-related products supplying. FAMOUS received a lot of foreign projects from project engineering, fabrication, logistic and installation guidance etc. and become more professional in foreign project operation, specially in US-EU standard engineering and project management aspects. It owns advanced professional production equipment for the all automation production line of H type that is most advanced at home, pipe truss structure, box-beam production lines, CNC hydraulic punching posterior cutting C type steel, Z type steel production lines, vertical seam 360-degree whip-stitch roof board of hidden button type, weather board production lines and metal sandwich panel production lines, etc.   Please feel free to send us enquiry for more specifications. Thanks.

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