Electric smoke exhaust skylight one-line smoke exhaust skylight plant lighting fire skylight

Products Description
Product name aluminium roof glass top open aluminium skylight double glazed sky light windows
Material Aluminum alloy+glass
Open type Awning
Dimension Can be customized
Surface Treatment Powder Coated,Anodizing,Electrophoresis,Heat transfer for wood grain,PVDF coating
Profile Profile: different series; Colors: Silver,wood,gold,black,white,coffee,gray,customized Thickness:1.2/1.4/1.8/2.0mm,customized
Glass option A:Single glass: 5,6,8,10,12mm; B:Double glazing:5mm+6/9/12/14/15/18/27a+5mm Triple glass: 5mm+12a+5mm+12a+5 mm Glass can be made 5/6/8/10/12mm C:Laminated glass: 5+ 0.38/0.76/1.52PVB+5mm tempered glass D:Tinted/reflect /tempered /insulating/frosted/low-e/radiation-shielding glass E:Green/Silver/Gray/ Tea/Mirror/Blue/Gold Coating
Hardware OEM,Chinese brand
Product name: Aluminum alloy electric exhaust skylight Product features: exhaust ventilation. It has strong insulation and waterproof structure. Can be linked with fire protection. When the skylight is fully open, the maximum amount of smoke is 60°. The maximum opening Angle is 60°. The top of the window is at a 30 degree Angle to the mounting surface. Good drainage in summer, no snow in winter, remote control, electric lighting, smoke skylight. Air tightness, water tightness, wind pressure resistance in accordance with GB/T7106-2008; lighting The performance meets the requirements of GB/T1176-2002. Window frame material: aluminum alloy profile, its strong compressive resistance Strength 160N/mm2, yield strength 110N/mm2, hardness HV≤58. Lighting materials: Optional plastic glass, safety glass, polycarbonate lighting board, glass fiber polyester lighting board, etc. Window type: Can be a single type or a connection type, which is a combination of multiple single types. The length of a skylight hole is 1500mm (multiple of 2000mm). Other window sizes can be designed based on the specific dimensions. Warranty period :2 years (glass is not covered by warranty) Onsite Product show   FAQ Q1: How much price for the windows and doors? A: We have different materials for the price. Depend on your sizes that will suggests which quality are suitable for you from our engineer team   Q2: How can get the specifications information for the windows and doors? A: Just send the products name or photos to us, our design team will send you the details of what you want immediately.   Q3: How can you get the shipping cost to your country? A: 1.Tell us what is your final products you want to purchase 2.Leave the consignee details to us 3.Confirm which day you want to ship it For these three questions, our shipping team will get the price to you in one day.   Q4: How can you get the real projects case from us? A: Show what you building sites photo or 3D design photo. We will send our cases to you what we did before   Q5: When can delivery? A: The delivery time is 7-10days/ 10-15days/ 15-25days. Depend on the quantity you order or how quick for your projects want to fix up. We will do the decision for you according your requests.

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