Europe Standard EuroCode 3 Design and Detailing Fabrication of Structural Steel Framing

UK Europe America Standard Structural Steelworks Project Engineering Design and Consulting Fabrication

  Quick detail: 1. Specialized and experienced design and detailing team 2. Excellent design quality with real low price even zero cost 3. Especially good at the prefab steel workshop/steel shed design 4. Various design standard like ASTM, GB, JIS are available 5. Totally customize     FAMOUS Core advantages: l Complete design & build system available l Over 15 years experience in domestic and overseas building& construction field l Professional design team and fabrication team with mature quality control system l Timely budgeting and extreme low consulting service   Please kindly send below information for a preliminary quotation: 1. Service scope, i.e. from general planning, to architecture design, to structural design, water& electricity design, heating& ventilation design etc completely or partially 2. The building or structural style which need to be designed, in other words to comment its design complication. 3. Design standard requirement. We are capable to design according to China, USA, Europe, Australia etc various customized standards requirement. 4. Various construction areas and dimensions as well as function etc information offered.   Available Design Standard: After many years of overseas project operation, FAMOUS have rich experience in foreign construction projects design and be familiar with most commonly used design standards like ASTM, JIS, BS, EU, AS/NZS etc. Especially on the aspect of America and Europe design standards, it is quite experienced and skilled. Taking example of steel construction field. Compared to the difference between Chinese steel material and American Standard material or IPE(European Standard) material, FAMOUS have a mature system for steel beam replacement now. In other words, even you provide us the drawings designed by any standard, FAMOUS can use either Chinese steel components instead of any special standard size perfectly after calculation if need fabrication in China, or use original country material to design as per client’s need.   FAMOUS is engaged in planning, engineering design and consultation, EPC, and the whole process service of construction projects. The business scope of FAMOUS covers various fields of the construction industry, including the specialties of power field like wind, solar, electric, petrochemical field, infrastructure aspect, commercial and residential real estate field, mining and machinery field and so on, what’s more, we also focus on the underground space development, planning, architecture, environmental engineering, urban landscape, geotechnical engineering, surveying, inspection testing, construction management, EPC, and etc.. The comprehensive strength of the FAMOUS has been among the top municipal engineering companies in China.   Main Business Engineering consultation Project planning / Formulation of project proposal / Formulation of feasibility study report / Planning & design consultation / Design bidding / Agent for Project bidding / Design supervision / Project supervision / Project management / Project evaluation Planning Urban planning / Town planning / Planning for community /Planning for development zone Building design/ Residential design / Public building design / Industrial building design Municipal design General municipal engineering design /Urban gas & industrial gas planning/ Sewage & refuse disposal design / Road & bridge design Note: The above-mentioned scope of works does not cover scientific technology research, real estate development and project construction business. Special trade design Building intelligence design/ Landscape design / Interior design / Construction drawing verification department   Standard design Formulation of standards & codes / Standard drawing design Building technology Green buildings technology / MEP energy-saving technology / Scientific research & design technology / Building economy technology Architectural history Historical building research / Traditional building design   Hangzhou FAMOUS Steel Engineering Co., Ltd. as a large-scale design & construction company majoring in engineering survey & design, engineering consultation and general contracting etc, FAMOUS has got the Certificates of Approval for independently engaging in foreign economic cooperation and operation and import & export. After many years’ professional service, comprehensive engineering design, comprehensive engineering investigation, engineering consultation and engineering surveying & mapping, our company is able to undertake the consultation, survey & design, engineering general contracting, tendering agency, engineering supervision and project management of various industries and fabrication of steel-based product, and general constructions of steel-concrete mixed projects. Besides, it can undertake special design, evaluation, assessment and equipment purchase of environmental protection, geological hazard, geological investigation, soil & water conservation, earthquake safety, pressure pipeline and pressure vessels. FAMOUS has been engaged in construction of scientific and efficient modern enterprise management system, continuous improvement of corporate operation system and management mechanism and steady up-grading of lean management level. It has established a quality, environment, occupational health & safety management system covering all its business fields and management system aiming at an international engineering corporation with design as main and integrating design, purchase, construction and commissioning.   Except various design and engineering service, Hangzhou FAMOUS Steel Engineering Co., Ltd. are also professional in the construction, real estate development industry, in the field of scientific research, equipment installation, decoration, municipal road and bridge, environmental protection, energy efficiency, logistics and distribution, etc. of large enterprise groups as a whole.

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