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Product Details:

Place of Origin:


Brand Name:




Model Number:


Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity:

1 set


USD50-300 per Square meter

Packaging Details:

Standard seaworthy packing

Delivery Time:

15 days

Payment Terms:

L/C, T/T

Supply Ability:

1000 sets per month


Detailed Product Description

Door Frames:

Galvanized Steel , 304stainless Steel,etc


Lifting Door, High Speed Rising Door,etc



Surface Treatment:

Normal Paint,galvanized ,etc


Food Factory, Pharmaceutical Factory, Warehouses, Packaging Industry, Chemical Industry, Etc


Painted Finish, Galvanized Treatment,etc


Customized As Order

Wind Resistance:

25m/s ( Wind Scale 10)


CE/ ISO 9001

Power Supply:

1-phase-220v, 3phase-380v

Core Materials:

Polycarbonate Panels,polyurethane Core Materials ,foaming ,PVC Plastic Fabric

Description: The optimal solution for large openings. This door is designed for continual use, can be installed inside or outside of buildings, and has a simple modular design making for a fast and easy installation. The strong belted opening system and self-supporting structure (up to 18m) ensures maximum functionality even for large dimensions and high wind loads. The door design consists of a U-shaped column section finished with a rubber seal on each side to protect the curtain when operating. The rapid fold-up pack door is an ideal solution for quick and continual transits. This kind of rapid doors consists in a u-shaped frame, made in galvanized steel, suited to contain the sliding of the curtain that is folded up by lifting belts which wind on a roller. All our fold-up doors are controlled by a control board (power supply 380 V three-phase) and are intended for an intensive and non-stop use. This type of industrial doors is characterized by the high speed of response combined with maximum safety of people and vehicles during handling operations, as well as a higher winding with reduced overall dimensions thanks to the execution of a special processing of the insulated profile. These features give the closures a long service life, eliminating the need for extraordinary maintenance.Routine maintenance work on this type of doors is also limited, with consequent advantages both in terms of cost and time. Within the range of special curtain doors we are able to work out on request big-sized doors either for standard bays or for special bays crossed by cranes.The maximum sized flexible doors are 35 m wide and 18 m high, windload up to 160 km/h. In case of big-sized doors there are aluminum frames instead of steel tubes as stiffeners and the cloth curtain is double. All our doors comply with CE Standard. Specifications:
Item name High speed fold up pack doors PVC Llifting Doors With Belted Opening System
Max size 35m(W) * 18m(H),customized as order
Max opening speed 1m/s
Max closing speed 0.8m/s
Space Requirements for Fitting Front Mount Motor, Side Mount Motor, Motor Size,Non Motor Side,Head Room Depending on size, etc --Dependant on door size
Wind Class 3000 x 3000 Class 45000 x 5000 Class 38000 x 8000 Class 2Above 8000mm Class 1
Curtain Weight 900g/m2
Curtain materials PVC Plastic Fabric, galvanized steel ,etc
Curtain Colours RAL color card or customized based on customer’s demands
Control Panel: Contactor Controls in a Steel case
Control Panel Dimensions: 300w x 400h x 150d
Operating Temperature: -30°C - +70°C
Door Frame Construction: Galvanised Steel
Guide Material: Rubber seals the length of the column
Power Supply: 3 Phase Neutral and Earth 415v
Supply Cable: Correct size to avoid power loss 2.5mm2
Column Covers: Galvanised
Barrel Cover: Galvanised
Motor Cover: Galvanised
Safety Edge: Wireless Resistive
Photocell: Transmitter / Receiver Type
Vision Panels: 2 Rows
Timed Close: Selected on Installation
Limits: Mechanical Limits
Emergency Opening: Hand Crank to the Bottom of the Motor
Applications Internal & External
  Features: Versatile and durable, TOPSKY high speed fold-up pack doors are the ideal solution in the industrial and logistics sector where very often closing large openings is required for both ground and overhead overhead overhead locks. 1. The maximum dimensions can be up to 50m wide and 40m high with wind resistance characteristics of 160 km/h made of aluminium trusses and double sheet. 2. The opening speed combined with the absence of space on the ground when the shutter is open allows for quick and safe transit of people and vehicles. 3. This type of high speed doors consist of a U-shaped galvanized steel perimeter structure suitable to contain the sliding of the fabric. All our closures are controlled by a 380V three-phase control panel and are designed for intensive continuous duty use. 4. Another characteristic of this type of closure is the very small size of the winding, which does not require any spring balancing system. 5. All models of packaged doors can also be fitted with polycarbonate windows to maximize interior lighting.   Advantages:   Small size of the winding thanks to the special curved section of the profile; Absence of footprint on the ground (example folding door); Low-noise during opening and closing operation; Thermal Insulation ; Wind resistance ; Absence of ceiling anchors, unlike traditional sectional doors; Simplicity in construction; Limited maintenance requirements (only those required by the standards); Assembly speed; Packaging with attention to detail with polystyrene cradles; Compliance with legal technical regulations; Certified warranty; Applications: Aircraft hangar, large factory gate, fold-up pack doors for cranes, bay,etc. Under same KNSN group system, now Topsky has reached a strategic cooperation with professional steel engineering specialist namely Hangzhou FAMOUS Steel Engineering Co.,Ltd.(FASECbuildings) which is in charge of all foreign business operation of Topsky, and realized a win-win cooperation together.  Please visit our door website: for more detail or send the enquiry back for catelogue. thanks.  

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