Hospital Building And Medical School Multi Storey Complex Planning Design Construction

FASECBUILDINGS specializes in designing multi storey buildings and high rise steel buildings to meet your business requirements. We have helped thousands of growing businesses build affordable, multi-functional office buildings.   Multi Storey buildings from FASECBUILDINGS range from glass curtain wall office building complexes and city center business buildings(CBD) to apartment buildings, retail buildings and car showrooms. FASECBUILDINGS undertake the complete structural design and construction of the commercial building by utilising only the highest quality China steel, which can be supplied in hot dip galvanized process if required. With our specialist knowledge we can design steel buildings to withstand high wind speeds, seismic loads or arctic snow loads if necessary. We build in our own floors or provide for precast floors, and can design and build in stairs and lift shafts. We also offer as part of our service the ability to design our steel structures to accommodate overhead cranes and gantries, the ability to detail and install glazing and cladding systems complete with integrated personnel and vehicle access doors along with many other accessories. All are supplied and installed in accordance with the client's individual requirements. Local building codes including snow, wind, seismic and exposure ratings etc are very important factors during commercial steel building design.   Commercial Steel Buildings offer a wide variety of uses ranging from retail steel buildings to steel church buildings. Commercial steel buildings can maintain a wider span. Having a large space that is column-free, you gain the flexibility to satisfy even the most complex space design needs while still maintaining an obstacle free environment. If you have some flexibility and don't mind having columns, a multi-span metal building frame design can save you money. FASECBUILDINGS can accommodate exterior options including stone, brick, slate and stucco. We also offer a full line of doors, windows, and accessories that give you the ability to customize your building project.

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