MgO SIP Panel/ Structural Insulated Panel/ MgO EPS & XPS Sandwich Foam Panel

Product introduction Exceptionally high quality FASEC Buildings MgO panels are the heart of your thermally efficient building. MGO SIP (magnesium oxide board) is a three-layer construction product consisting of two magnesium oxide boards (MGO) and polystyrene foam glued in the middle. Combining Mgo panels into one whole, we get an even stronger and thermally insulated construction that meets the requirements of Class A flammability, with good sound insulation properties, water resistance, exceptional load-bearing properties, good resistance to compression, bending and, most importantly, thermal insulation performance. Year-round construction–MgO SIP is water and cold resistant, which means your project can be built in any weather. The panels are supplied in controlled sizes, making them easier to install in strong winds.                                                         The chart below states general ‘technical parameter’ of MGO EPS SIPs
Sizes (mm) 1220*2440, 1100*2400, 1100*2700, 1100*2950, 1100*3000 etc.1220*2440 standard dimension
Thickness of SIPs 10/90/10, 10/100/10, 10/120/10 etc.
Thickness of EPS 50mm to 300mm
Hole diameter 25mm30mm40mm.
Density of EPS 18kgs/m3 to 30kgs/m3
Color of EPS White, dark grey
Fireproof level B1
Edge treatment T& G, four sides recessed, customized etc.
Top Layer MGO board
Middle Core EPS board
Bottom Layer MGO board
      Application: SIPs are prefabricated systems used primarily for walls and roofs. SIPs employ composite materials, reduce waste through modular construction methods, achieve high insulation values, and may be used instead of many conventional building methods. It can be used as a construction fireproof wall, light weight movement wall, inner material of warm keeping for simple mobile house, cold storage, warm-keeping houses . It also widely applied in common steel structure, prefabricated house and etc, which comes from industiral plants, commerical buildings, hospitals and so on.      

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