Modern Steel Structure Commercial Building Prefabricated Office Mid-Rise Single Office Building

Steel structure building is a popular type of building system now, and its main load-bearing members are made of steel, including column, beam, foundation and roof truss, while roof and wall using variety of materials, such as sandwich panel, steel sheet, wire mesh, foam cement board, ALC board for different building application.
Product Steel structure building
Main frame Q345, Q235, Q345B, Q235B etc Welded H section steel column and beam with 2 times mid-grey anti-rusting painting
Secondary frame Galvanized C purlin, tie bar, brace, roof and wall support
Bolt Anchor bolt, High strength bolt, Ordinary bolt
Roof and wall a) Color-coated corrugated steel sheet;
b) Rock Wool Sandwich Panels;
c) EPS Sandwich Panels;
d) Glass wool Sandwich Panels
e) Skylight panel is used for day lighting
f) Other materials as customers' request
Surface of structure Hot dip galvanized or anti-rust painted
Drainage System Galvanized gutter and PVC downspout
Window Plastic steel or Aluminum Alloy
Door Sliding Door or hangar door
Connection Welding connection or bolt connection
Accessories Flashing, ridge tile, screw and so on
Crane 5MT, 10MT, 15MT and more
Packing Standard seaworthy packaging or customized
* In order to give you an exactly quotation and drawings, please let us know your request length, width, eave height and local weather. We will quote for you promptly.
High-rise refers to buildings with high-rise residences of ten or more floors; multi-storey residences of four to six floors. Mainly speaking, the housing rate of high-rise buildings is lower than that of multi-storey buildings, and the property management fee is higher than that of multi-storey buildings. On the upper floors, the view is wider, the air quality is better, and the noise is low.
Items Specification:
Main structure Q235 Q345 S235 S355 SS400 etc.
Purlin and Girts Cold rolled C or Z steel,Q355 or Q235
Gutter Galvanized Steel
Wall & Roof EPS, Mineral wool, PU sandwich,corrugated steel sheet
Door Sliding door or roller shutter
Windows Pvc or aluminum
Other components available upon request. Please provide the following information for detailed custom design
A few other differences: 1. Architectural characteristics, high-rise residential land use, large outdoor public space and facilities, and good view, which are very attractive to buyers. However, the design space of multi-storey houses is larger, the living comfort is also higher, and the house type can be changed more flexibly during decoration. 2. Construction costs, high-rise residential buildings are large, and the large consumption of steel and concrete in the building increases the construction cost. In addition, it is necessary to configure elevators, high-pressure water pumps, and increase public walkways, doors and windows and other facilities, which require a lot of investment and energy. For multi-storey, they usually use brick-concrete structure, and do not need to be equipped with facilities such as elevators, so the cost is much lower. 3. Travel convenience. High-rise residences are generally equipped with elevators. Residents only need to press a few buttons to travel. It is very convenient to travel. However, once the elevator fails or there is a power outage, you need to climb more than ten floors of stairs to travel. Convenience is definitely reduced. A multi-story home eliminates the problem of elevator failure, and climbing a few flights of stairs a day is good for your health. About us We are a leading corporation which specializing in all knids of steel structure products and we have our own factory making glass, steel structure fabrication ,purlin and temporary proping (bracing) . We usually take over many foreign project , welcome to your enquiry . We are very glad to serve you.

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