Municipal Use Steel Framing Street Light Poles And Brackets Traffic Light Guideboards Billboard

Municial Use Steel Framing Street Light Poles and Brackets Traffic Light Guideboards Billboard

Traffic sign pole is also known as road sign pole, highway sign pole, both sides of the highway used to indicate the traffic line of the column, traffic sign pole is processed by steel pipe, the surface after hot dip galvanized treatment.   Classification of sign posts Traffic signs generally have single - column traffic signs, multi - column traffic signs.   The inside edge of the column sign shall not invade the building limit of the road, generally not less than 25cm from the outside edge of the roadway or sidewalk or the shoulder of the dirt road   The height of the lower edge of the traffic sign board from the road surface is divided into: the expressway shall be no less than 5500mm, and the national highway and provincial highway shall be no less than 5000mm.In urban roads with a large proportion of small cars, the height from the lower edge to the ground can be effective according to the actual situation, but should not be less than 120cm.   If the setting is on the side of the road with pedestrians and non-motor vehicles, the setting height shall be greater than 180cm.  

Pole’s height

5m to 15m

Shape of pole

Round conical; Octagonal tapered; Straight square; Tubular stepped;

Shafts are made of steel sheet that folded into required shape and welded longitudinally by automaticarc welding machine

Brackets/ Arm

Single or double brackets/ arm are in the shape and dimension as per customers requirement


Within 14m once forming without slip joint

Wall thickness

2.5mm to 20mm

Welding It has past flaw testing.Internal and external double welding makes the welding beautiful in shape.

And confirms with international welding standard of CWB


Jointing of pole with insert mode,innerflange mode,face to face joint mode.

Base plate mounted

Base plate is square or round in shape with slotted holes for anchor bolt and dimension as per customers requirement.

Ground mounted

The length buried underground as per customers requirement.


Hot dip galvanization with thickness of 80-100µm average in accordance with Chinese standard GB/T 13912-2002 or American standard ASTM A123, IS: 2626-1985.

Powder coating

Pure polyester powder painting, color is optional according to

RAL Color stardand.


Aganist wind pressure of 160Km/h


According to GB/T 1591-1994.

Quality Control

We control the quality according to the flow of ISO9001-2008. Quality is employed at every stage of production to ensure the product compliance to the specifications/standards. Careful inspections are carried out by highly trained inspection engineers as per the defined procedures from raw material stage to finished product and delivery. Prototype assembly of towers is carried out in

the plant.

  Single column traffic sign pole Single-column traffic sign pole is a sign board mounted on a column, suitable for medium and small size alarm,notices, injunctions, signs of direction and small signs of direction.   Multi-column traffic sign pole Multi-column traffic sign pole is a sign board mounted on two or more columns and is suitable for rectangular indication or direction sign.   Arm type traffic sign pole   Cantilever traffic sign pole -- F traffic sign pole, T traffic sign pole. The cantilever traffic sign pole is the sign plate mounted on the cantilever, and the height of the lower edge of the sign from the ground should be higher than the clearance height specified by the road.  

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