Piping Truss building Metal Grandstands and Sports Stadiums

FASECBUILDINGS can design, detailing, fabricate grandstands, stadiums, bleachers, arenas, auditoriums, theatres and sports stands all over the world. Our grandstand construction projects range from small football stands for local teams - such as the two hundreds of seater football stand to large sports stadium construction projects. We also design grandstands and stadia for other sports, including rugby, cricket, athletics and racing.   FASECBUILDINGS are also qualified to construct steel framed auditoriums and arenas, which are a combination of our wide span building design and grandstands. Our auditoriums can be used as theatres, cinemas, churches, conference halls, lecture theatres and concert halls. They can be built with or without sloping terraces or seating, stages, boxes etc. We can do the same for more modest buildings, such as swimming pools, dressage arenas and indoor football or cricket grounds. FASECBUILDINGS can incorporate a sliding roof into your arena or stadium design - just let us know. There is no need for stadia construction to be unrealistically expensive.