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Finely Decorated Modern Luxury Prefab Container House Complete Set Of Furniture  



One type of multi-function foldable fireproof, heat-resistant and eco-friendly mobile prefab container houses is designed into a relatively large connected mobile structure in rectangular cabinets through combing the theories of mechanics and machinery. The mobile house can be quickly and conveniently set up within 12 to 18 minutes, when not in use, it can be folded as if into a rectangular block for convenient transportation even by forklifts and less storage room.

Modern prefab container House with solid structure makes this house resist up to 120KM/H wind speed. Flat packing and loading into 40 feet containers when shipping makes goods safe and easy to transport and lay in at local site. The application of PU fireproof insulation board used in prefabricated container house is a new type of thermal insulation material with Class A flame retardant efficiency, which is made when modifying traditional foamed polystyrene foam board. PU as the key research and development of thermal insulation board of our company not only inherits the traditional thermal characteristics of EPS foaming board, but also has the advantages of low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation effect and light weight. It overcomes the shortcomings of poor flame retardant effect of EPS foaming board and solves the problem. The problem of light weight plays an important role in the insulation effect of the container house.

Item name  Foldable Living Prefab Homes Modular Integrated Container House
Basic size  20'ft ,40'ft or customized size,etc
External Dimensions (L×W×H) L6058×W2438×H2800mm/L6058×W3022×H2800mm (Customized available)
Base Frame: cold formed and completed weldingFloor: waterproof plywood/fiber cement board/Bolivian magnesiumboard+pvc flooring
Roof Frame: cold formed and completed weldingRoof: galvanized color coated steel sheet+ rock woolInsulation +color coated steel sandwich panel as ceiling
Corner Posts Bending steel profile
Wall Panels Color steel sandwich panel/Chipboard for internal Insulationmaterial: EPS/glass wool/rock wool/PU
Windows Sliding window/Tilt window Option: fly screen, theft-proof bar, rolling blind
Doors Steel door/aluminum alloy door/ fireproof doors 
Electrical System Circuits concealed, match 3C/CE/AS, NZ/AUS standard available, etc
Paint Galvanized treatment+ base coat+ finish coat
  1. No base work involved;
  2. Environment protective, no garbage produce;
  3. Doors, windows, interior decorations can be flexibly fixed;
  4. Beautiful appearance, different colors for roof & wall
  5. Cost saving and transportation convenient
  6. Anti-rust treatment and normally more than 15 years using life;
  7. These 20ft container office house are in complete mobility by forklift or by crane;
  8. Human layout:doors ,windows and other partitions can be installed in anyplace, staircases can be designed outside if neccessary.
Advantages:  Modernizing the Look with Energy Efficiency Though modular homes are historically associated with lower quality, this is no longer the case today. Various companies across North America are making modular homes attractive by using geometric and modern exterior finishing’s that boast open spaces and maximize natural light in your home. In order to stand out from the competitive modular market, builders are looking to maximize energy efficiency through numerous methods such as recycling materials, using LED lighting and installing solar panels. This ensures that you save money on your energy bills to the point where you may be producing clean energy that will be put back into the energy grid.   Zero Waste and Zero Inspection Hassle After being created in the factory setting, these modular pieces are then transported to site and assembled using heavy machinery. Similar to a Structure home, modular homes do not produce waste as all the required materials for construction arrive on site already installed in the modular pieces. It would be like putting together a Lego home – except all the pieces are rooms, designed to your desire and needs. In addition to their ease of construction and energy advantages, modular homes are almost always manufactured to code, ridding you of the worry that comes with home inspections by your municipality.   Reliable Schedule An additional advantage to modular homes is the minimal opportunity for negative schedule interference to occur. This is in part due to the construction of the pieces being in a controlled indoor environment that can’t blame weather for delays. Without weather interruptions, the average home would be constructed in no longer than four months. During this construction process, workers are put in a low risk environment that elevates their feelings of comfort. With healthier workers, you can be certain that your home will receive the care and attention to details that it requires in order to be built safely and soundly.   Application: Modified sea container can be used as accommodation, office, shelter, camp, hotel, factory, warehouse, kitchen, dining room and so on. We can use different size containers to design into one or above complex units.      

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