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Modern Design Light Gage Steel Framed Foldable Tiny House Container Home for US AS EU NZ Market



    The foldable tiny house movement, also known as the "small-house movement" is an architectural and social movement that advocates living simply in small homes. As of 2018 there is no set definition as to what constitutes a tiny house. However, a residential structure under 400 square feet (37m2) is generally considered a tiny home. The tiny-house movement promotes financial prudence, economically safe, shared community experiences, and a shift in consumerism-driven mindsets.

In New Zealand and Australia, more companies are building tiny houses, mostly bespoke and customized. They design and built such type tiny houses on fixed brackets with wheels, so as long as they go outdoors, travelings, on vacations, then take them wherever they go, which is also very convenient for their life. This lifestyle has formed a trend in the Australian and New Zealand markets, and more and more young people are beginning to accept it and gradually prefer to this house.





External Dimensions(L*W*H)

Recommend   L6058*W2438*H2800Mm/L6058*W3022*H2800Mm(Custom Sizes Available)


Frame: Cold Formed And Completed   Welding    
Floor: Waterproof Plywood/Fiber Cement   Board/Bolivian Magnesium Board+PVC Vinyl Floor Finishing
Option: Additional Insulation And   Forklift


Frame: Cold Formed And Completed Welding
Roof: Galvanized Color-Coated Steel   Sheet+ Rock Wool Insulation+ Color-Coated Steel Sandwich   Panel Ceiling+ Particleboard Ceiling Finish
Options: Roof Beams Filled With   Insulation/Profiled Welding Roof Sheet

Comer Posts

Cold Bending Profile
Option: Corner Post Filled With   Insulation

Wall Panels

Color Steel Sandwich   Panels/Chipboard For Internal  
Insulation Material: EPS/Glass   Wool/PU             


Sliding Window/Tilt Window
Option: Fly Screen, Theft-Proof Bar,   Rolling Blind


Steel Door/Aluminum Alloy Door

Electrical System

Circuits Concealed,Match 3C/CE/AS


Galvanized Treatment+ Base Coat+ Finish   Coat


1) Lifetime for structure: 100 years.
2) Earthquake resistance: mix more than 8 grades.
3) Wind resistance: max 60m/s.
4) Fire resistance: all the materials used can be fire resistance.
5) Snow resistance: max 2.9KN/m²as required
6) Heat insulation: 100 mm in thickness can match 1 m thickness of brick wall.
7) High acoustic insulation: 60db of exterior wall 40db of interior wall
8) Insect prevention: free from the damages by insects, such as white ants
9) Ventilation: a combination of natural ventilation or air supply keep the indoor air fresh and clean
10) Packing and delivery: 140SQM/ 40'HQ container for structure only and 90SQM/ 40'HQ container for structure with decorate materials.
11) Installation: the average is one worker one day install one SQM.
12) Installation guide: dispatch engineer to guide on site.


Main characteristics:

 1. The house is made of light steel structure and rustproof color steel sandwich panel as wall and roof;

2. The size and layout can be designed as per customers' requirements for its flexible dimension;

3. The house has waterproof structure and heating insulation material, such as EPS, Rock wool or PU Panels interlock easily to form a complete thermally efficient shell;

4. Two kinds of flooring system are available, one is steel chassis floor, the other is concrete foundation;

5. One 40'HQ container can load about 160m2 considering 75mm thickness panel for roof and wall;

6. Six skilled workers can finish 42m2 in 8 hours ;

7. The house can resist heavy wind load of 0.5KN/m2 and 7-8 degree seismic intensity.


 Design Code Equivalents:

1. AISI S100 North American Specification for the Design of Cold Formed Steel Structural Members published by the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) in the United States.
2.AS/NZS 4600 Australian/New Zealand Standard-Cold-formed steel structures jointly published by Standards Australia and Standards New Zealand.
3. BS 5950-5 Structural use of steelwork in building-Part 5. Code of practice for design of cold formed thin gauge sections published by BSI in the UK.
4) ENV1993-1-3 means Euro code 3: Design of steel structures; Part 1.3: General rules, Supplementary rules for cold-formed thin gauge members.



1.Low cost and easy to shipping (Save freight);

2.Light steel structure (reliable frame);

3.Flexible layout and design;

4.Easy and quick assemble and no need special trained labors;

5.Extensive and flexible application.





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