Prefabricated Windproof Fireproof Light Steel Flat Pack Container House with Shower Room


Material List

Project  Steel Structure Building
Size According to Customer Need

Main Steel Structure Frame 

Column Q235B, Q355B Welded H Section Steel
Beam Q235B, Q355B Welded H Section Steel

Secondary Steel Structure Frame

Purlin Q235B C and Z Type Steel
Knee Brace Q235B C and Z Type Steel
Tie Tube Q235B Circular Steel Pipe
Brace Q235B Round Bar
Vertical and Horizontal Support Q235B Angle Steel, Round Bar or Steel Pipe

Roof and Wall Systerm

Roof Clading Steel Sheet or Sandwich Panel (EPS, PU, Glass Wool, Rock Wool)
Wall Clading Steel Sheet or Sandwich Panel (EPS, PU, Glass Wool, Rock Wool)
Door Sandwich Panel Sliding Door/Rolling Metal Door
Window Aluminium Alloy Window/PVC Panel Window
Advantages 1. Anti-rusty:Galvanized Steel Frame A. We use hot dip galvanized Q235 steel for all the beams, columns, and purlins. It is high performance and anti-rust. Some factories only use electrolytic plate or black steel material, which will rust very easily. B. We use 2.5mm galvanized steel (2.7mm after painting). Other factories only use 2.3mm steel (2.5mm after painting). This will easily bend when you hold and transfer it. 2. Large Space & Luxurious Decoration A.  Large space: Our standard outside size is 6x3x2.85 meters. The internal space of the unit is 5.83x2.875x2.6 meters. This is larger than most shipping containers which are only 2.4x6x2.35 meters. B.  Luxurious decoration: The steel structure is hidden inside the walls, the electric cables are hidden inside the ceiling, and there is also plastic corner hemming. 3. High Performance Drain System A. Our units feature a four-side inner drain system. The bending piece with a slot and aqueduct, which are hidden in columns,work together to make water flow easily out. Even heavy rain won't clog this drainage system.        Other factories' drainage channels are small and the drains are easily blocked. B. All our containers use bolts for assemble. No welding is required. This means easy assembly of the container house. There is no need use a forklift or crane. It is easy for 2 adults to move all the materials and assemble      it. 4. Strong Hanging Head We use 3.5mm steel (3.7mm after painting) for the hanging head. It is very strong and ensures safety while lifting. 5. Durable Iron Ceiling A. We use 0.426mm iron ceiling which is simple and durable. B.  Plastic hemming hides the electric cables inside. 6. Wave Tile For The Roof We use 0.426mm wave tile. The tile is inserted into another tiles' wave which prevents the roof from leaking. The curved roof also makes drainage faster. About Us 1. About Our Factory HANGZHOU FAMOUS Steel Engineering Co.,Ltd is located in Hangzhou, China, the most prosperous city in the south of China. We produce, develop, and export container houses, portable toilets, prefab houses, prefab villas, and more. Our hard-working, dedicated team and harmonious atmosphere makes our products are better and diversified. They not only look beautiful, but are also practical for many uses. FAMOUS Buinding is committed to provide first-class quality and efficient pre-sale and after sale services. This is what has led to our stellar reputation with our customers from around the world. 2. About Our Teams Our team has attended several times Canton Fair several times. Here, we have met a lot of great customers and have gotten excellent consumer feedback. 3. Our Project We create many projects for the Chinese market and aboard. These are our two largest customers in China.  

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