Structural Steel Bar Truss Girder Metal Composite Deck For Concrete Floor

Multi Storey Building Materials Structural Steel Bar Truss Grider Slab Metal Composite Deck For Concrete Floor

Steel bar truss girder is composite of corrugated sheet and steel bar truss which replace wooden template to bear all the construction loads in the construction phase and participate in bearing structure load in the service stage. Composite deck is floor deck which replace all or part of the force steel bar and work together with concrete in the service stage, while steel sheet of steel truss deck does not participate in bearing structure load, it's non-composite deck. The steel bar truss deck is a new metal deck design and it is widely applied for the mezzanine construction of commercial and civilian buildings, such as factories, hospitals, gymnasiums, schools, bridge projects and residential buildings. The steel bar truss deck is composed of two parts, the steel bar truss and the galvanized steel sheet.   Specifications:
Width 576mm /600mm according to project needs/design
Overlap Width 566mm /590mm etc
Maximum length 11.8m or custom requirement
Height 70-270mm etc
Top and bottom bar diameter 6-12mm etc
Cross bar diameter 4-8mm etc
Decking thickness Galvanized steel sheet 0.5mm etc
  ADVANTAGES 1. Steel bars are evenly arranged and the bearing mode is reasonable, which greatly reduces the engineering quantity of temporary support. 2. The double edgefold design can effectively ensure the quality of the engineering. 3. It can shorten the time by reducing 60% to 70% work load of binding steel bars. 4. It has the same mechanical properties and fire resistance as that of traditional cast-in-place floors. Because the bottom mould does not join in the load-baring, it is unnecessary to consider fire proof and anticorrosion.   While FASEC Rebar-truss triangle welded metal decking system adapts rapid construction requirements of the main steel structure and provide fast work procedures. It can save a lot of construction time compared to traditional floor decking system. It can also improve the rigidity of the floor and save the amount of steel and concrete, so as to reduce the project budget.   The Surface embossed increase the bonding of floor deck and concrete, make the floor deck system has high-strength bearing capacity. It is totally fire-proof and can span long without middle propping.   So from cost saving and time saving view, the FASEC rebar-truss triangle welded metal decking system is better choice. However, in much of ready design, the deck is already designed and in avoiding of redesign, recalculation and re-submit/approval, we can also offer various customized steel floor deck profiles to cater for various contractors’ need, meanwhile we will offer various technical support in the aspects of load span and stress analysis etc.   Following are some typical detail:   Warmly welcome various clients from International market to enquiry and visit us!

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