UK British Standard Building Integrated Photovoltaic Glass Facades

UK British Standard Building Integrated Photovoltaic Glass Facades Quick Detail: 1. Single or Double-Silver Tinted Glass 2. Reflective Laminated Glass with Low-E coating film insulation 3. Invisible Spandrel Glass Thermal Isolation 4. Opaque Tempered type Glazing   After years’ development, our group has evolved into an integral turn-key contractor for various buildings and construction. So we have capacity in various huge projects design & build based on satisfactory budget control. Welcome clients to make enquiries directly on whatever kind of building engineering or building surrounding materials pricing. Our professional engineering teaam are all ready here to offer customized design and price. Our pricinple is One Trial Order Bring Constent Cooperation! Spandrel Glass can be used in various applications. The proper application for ceramic fritted spandrel glass is to install it in an opening that has a uniformly colored insulation or back-pan that eliminates the possibility of read-through or viewing the glass in transmission. When done properly, the glass may only be viewed from the exterior of the building, with daylight reflecting from the glass surface.     As the most important part of the windows, the glass occupies the largest part of the area, for indoor and outdoor lighting and separate role. We can do according to customer's diverse needs for scientific configuration and personalized custom services. Clients can choose from a wealth of glass products to choose, to achieve functional and decorative aspects of individual needs.   Standard normal float glass, tempered safety glass or toughened glass, supper white glass, tint glass, coating glass, art glass, double hollow glass or double glazing, LOW E glass, PVB laminated safety glass, frosted glass, double glazing with grill inside, arched tempered glass, etc.   PRODUCTS SPECIFICATION  
Module Type PNG150M-485 PNG150M-490 PNG150M-495 PNG150M-500 PNG150M-505
Rated output(Pmp/Wp) 357.7 361.2 365.1 368.7 372.2
Short circuit current (Isc) 9.76 9.82 9.88 9.93 9.99
Open circuit voltage(Voc) 47.6 47.8 48.0 48.2 48.3
Maximum power current(Impp) 9.04 9.09 9.15 9.2 9.25
Maximum power voltage(Vmpp) 39.6 39.7 39.9 40.1 40.2
Nominal Module Operating Temperature(NOCT): Irradiance 800W/m²,Ambient Temperature 20ºC, AM1.5, Wind Speed 1m/s
  There are many different FINISH COLOR to be chosen, like Gray, Bronze, Black, Silver, Wood Grain, and others. The Surface treatment can be PVDF Cotaed/Power Coating/Anodizing etc. Following is the Ral color chart to be followed up.   The Stick Built Glass Curtain Wall system requires installation by highly skilled laborers on site, increasing the installation cost and causing some quality control issues. However, the on site installation allows for easier detailing of connections and larger tolerances in the building structure.   The advantage of a stick built system comes from its cost savings over a unitized system. On small project, the scale is too small to make it economical to prefabricate panels, so the added on-site time and cost is worth the higher unit cost associated with a small scale unitized system. For this reason, stick built systems are typically used on small to mid-sized projects.  

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