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Tubular Galvanized Steel Pole Monopole for Wind Turbine Power Transmission Mast Tower

Advantage: 1: Single piece can be 12meter, no need splicing weld in the middle. 2: Good fabrication quality which is pioneering in the field. 3: Small wind load factor and long durability. 4: Simple foundation forms, Small footprint 5: Little damage for the load-bearing object 6: Convenient construction of floor base, can be designed to multi-platform 7: High carrying capacity, can be mounted multiple antennas and microwave transmission equipment Specifications Material:Q345B/ASTM A572 steel, minimum yield strength >=345N/mm2; Q235B/ASTM A36 steel, minimum yield strength>=235N/mm2; Or more high tensile steel is available Wind Pressure:0.35~0.45 KN/M2 Surface Treatment: Hot dip galvanized Welding: CO2 welding or Submerged arc auto methods. Spare Parts:All necessary parts for installation and connection Process: galvanized; Spray paint Production: According to the drawing Product Description 
Wind speed 75(100),100(130),120(160),130(150),140(180),150(200)
Wind pressure As the customer request
Material Q235,Q345,Q420
Color As the customer request
Height 20---100m
Appearance Hot-dip-galvanized Steel Poles or Painting
Connection structure Overlap/Flange connection
Certifications GB/T19001-2008-ISO9001,GB/T 24001-2004-ISO 14001,GB/T28001-2001
Spare parts Parts for connection or installation will be provided
Lifetime 50 years
Platform Quantity As the customer request or per design
Antenna Support As the customer request or per design
Microwave Dish As the customer request or per design
Shape As the customer request or per design
OUR ADVANTAGES Why is it the best way to choose us for you? Our yearly sales revenue are pioneering in China structural steel industry, with plentiful of project experiences, most advanced production lines and equipments, as well as most competitive price which makes us prospect long time in steel structure design, detailing, fabrication and erection field. TECHNOLOGY  R&D Our group has over 1,500 employees of whom 206 are engineering technicians of all levels and all kinds and over 60 are state Grade, Grade  registered structure engineers, builders and architects. The company has senior colleges and professional technology design organizations as the technology backup force and has established wide cooperation and R&D relations with such technology research institutes as Zhejiang University, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Zhejiang Shuren University, etc. DESIGN AND DETAILING Standard: America Standard, Australia Standard, England Standard, China Standard, etc. Software: SAP2000, Etabs, Auto CAD, PKPM, RSTAB, PROE, MTS, Tekla Structures(Xsteel), 3D3S, Tarch, etc. QUALITY MANAGEMENT TODAY’S QUALITY, TOMORROW’S MARKET Our group has established an advanced physical and chemical testing center of steel structure, owns the testing equipment such as electronic universal testing machine, electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine, elemental analyzer, torsional testing machine, impact testing machine, ultrasonic flaw detector, blue ink coating thickness gauge, liquid crystal pendulum clock impactor, etc. In a large number of engineering practices, the company organized a high-quality construction team who grasp the leading construction technology, found scientific and strict construction management control process, has a control of the whole construction process to ensure the project quality.     Nondestructive Flaw Detection    Competition of Welding Operators           Technology Exchange   QUALITY INSPECTION BY BV, SGS, SKM, ETC. Systematic Quality Process and Progress Control documentation:  our fabrication process has been controlled by series of documentation and quality testing which are monitored and certificated by BV, SGS, SKM, JACOBES etc world-famous third party inspection organization. CERTIFICATIONS We have CE Certificate,  AWS Certificate, ISO9001 Quality Control Certificate,   ISO14001 Environment-friendly Certificate etc systematic certificates to ensure our whole production progress controllable. We also have systematic Quality Process and Progress Control documentation: Our fabrication process have been controlled by series of documentation and quality testing which are monitored and certificated by BV, SGS, SKM, JACOBES etc world-famous third party inspection organization. SOME OF OUR INDUSTRIAL STRUCTURAL STEEL FABRICATION PROJECTS   CHILE Three Piping-truss Copper Workshops Project: Max Single-span is 90m. LDK Polysilicon Public Project: Was generally contracted by FLUOR CO., LTD., the total steel consumption volume for Phase I project reached over 30,000 tons and this program was in a high-rise steel structure of 4-7 floors. CHILE Super-wide Steel Plates Fabrication for Industrial Equipments: Professional triangular steel framing package. VENEZUELA Belt Conveyor Project: Was generally contracted by a German Company. BOLIVIA Cement Plant: Steel consumption: 3,655.72 tons in the first phase, 7,200 tons in the second phase. NEW ZEALAND car racks: Good look, Easy installation, stability, long service life. CUSTOMERS’ VISITS Welcome your visit!    IF YOU NEED A QUOTATION, PLEASEPROVIDE US WITH THE FOLLOWING BASIC INFORMATIONS:   1. Send us your sample or drawings. 2. If you don’t have, we can design for you. OTHER PRODUCTS MIGHT YOU NEED structural steel member fabrication  special shape structures  structural steel workshops  Belt conveyor   Multi-storey Buildings Stadium    Steel Bailey Bridge    Sandwich panels    Industrial sliding doors      Train station           see more….

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