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Architectural domed roof building as the name suggests, is a roof that's designed in the shape of a dome (Hemispherical). Through taking the engineering and design principles of the arch and rotating them in a 360 degree radius, a dome shaped roof can be created. Variations of the dome form include cone or onion shapes. Igloos, wigwams and other indigenous structures, as well as geodesic domes, are examples of buildings which use a circular, domed shape, but have indistinct boundaries between the walls and the roof. The dome shape building is high on visual impact. Under most cases is both strong and durable. The domed roof structures are very good weatherproof too.  Historically, the dome was first widely used in Ancient Rome, where it lent itself especially well for use in large public or formal spaces. The curved shape of the dome roof is appealing to look at and experience, both inside and out of the building. Dome roofs also look spectacular when made from copper, which discolors to green with age. Other metals can be used, however these are expensive options for roofing. A cheaper option is in reinforced concrete domes, which are marketed as quick construction, low cost, energy efficient, space utilizing, durable, weather resistant storage and public use buildings. The dome is also favored by those seeking alternative, energy efficient and windproof homes. ETFE (Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) Membrane Structure Cover was used to build the roof at many tremendous buildings, where builders attempted to create the ideal mix of comfortable experience in a cold-weather environment and an outdoor-feel for sports fans. Except the ETFE, the glass material is also popularly used in dome roof buildings to feature its architectural beauty design and good heat insulation. Beisdes meeting the building and steel construction codes, we will try our best to design and fabricate the dome roof building less cost and saving energy.

 Clients' needs, environmental factors (such as seismic zone, rain load, snow load, wind load, etc.), land size are the major factors, which our engineers and designers need to considerate.

 For the dome roof building structure, it is popularly used for large span space frame building type.  We are also very experienced in the design, fabrication and construction or consulting of such types.

  FASECBUILDINGShas diversified in the field of Pre Engineered dome roof building within house design and production facilities. The Dome Roof Buildings are designed and fabricated to customers' requirement in accordance with various Standards.   The company provides not only pre-engineered dome roof buildings with a full turnkey construction solution, but also presents the simplest, most cost-effective and eco-friendly path to constructing metal frame buildings.

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